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My Ambitions as a Writer

My main purpose in writing is to attract an audience beyond my classroom, such that their interest in my hopes, ambitions, and dreams encourages them to daydream and discover their fantasies.  The possible readers I’m attempting to reach could construct an interest in my writing and reach new conclusions from my compositions.  Potential readers interested and passionate about this daydreaming frame of mind will connect to my writing through my choices in language, style, examples, topic and analysis.  Various people captivated by this branch of wishful thinking can relate to their experience as I embark on a journey to enhance and project myself in a more imaginative way of thinking and writing.

As a writer, I plan to portray clear and concise thoughts in my writing by deleting the “word clutter” and eliminating the “sugar-coating”or “fluff” in my work.  I aim to organize my compositions by idea and avoid comments that appear unrelating to the main topic.  Another goal for my writing is to refrain from the structure of essays taught in my previous education, and focus on creating smoothly flowing trains of thought that make my composition a coherent “whole,” where the beginning invites the reader in and carries them along a journey to end with my final sentence.

I hope to achieve clarity within my writing to enlighten my audience with my propositions and conclusions and ultimately make a rememberable impression on readers.  I intend on improving creativity in my writing approach to influence my audience to discern a similar outlook on the topic.  In addition, I want to impress the reader with clever and dazzling ways of thinking, such as, portraying my perspective with an “out of the box” standpoint.

I want to discover inspiration in my writing and achieve expertise with communicating my thoughts in my mind exactly as presented in the text within this blog.  I can reach my goals by bridging the gap between what I am truly thinking and what I am conveying on paper.  Moreover, I can construct my “voice” to resemble a more thoughtful and imaginative character, whom recreates daydreams as if they are reality.


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