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Last Thursday night, I dreamt the following:

I was sitting in the living room of my grandparents house with my mom, brother, sister, cousins, and uncle. There was a white board and I was trying to study, but my uncle was making it seem like I had to help him clean up. I was stuck picking up pieces of gum all over the carpet floor that were placed there from my younger cousins. 

As Freud and Jung interprets dreams, I also intend on assigning meaning to my dream through the following dream analysis:

The location of my grandparents’ house represents a still motion, not in a relaxing way where time seems to be frozen whenever I’m at their house. Seated on the couch, I view as being in a rut because I’m motionless and not heading in any direction.  Surrounded by my intermediate family, I felt supported and loved to do what my heart desires and accomplish challenging obstacles.

In regards to Jungian archetypes, I believe my mother represented the mother archetype because she embodies a nurturing, caring, and positive attitude that calms me and encourages me to relax. In contrast, the presence of my uncle and cousins made me feel uneasy because I’ve never had good relations with them.  I think my uncle and cousins represent the people holding me back from accomplishing what I desire to finish.  They represent the shadow that’s placing a negative, deadly boredom that makes everything seem meaningless and empty.

Myself with my  sister, grandma and mother.               Shadow Archetype

The act of picking up gum can’t be explained through my own experience, yet through Jung’s collective unconscious this actions can seem innate and inherited in the human mind as being stuck to something. Picking up the pieces of gum all over the room signify being stuck to little meaningless tasks that deter me from accomplishing my goals. The failed attempt at studying illustrates my distraction and lack of focus I have to concentrate at study. This dream influences me to push aside the distractions and focus to study, because I have been putting study off this week to deal with other trivial matters.

After analyzing my dream and understanding what my unconscious may have been telling me, I have been attempting to remain more focused and devote my attention to studying for my Organic Chemistry midterm on Friday. Through this focused mind set, Freud could conclude my personal unconscious has seemed at rest with attempting me to remain focused because this dream has not been reoccurring.  Since I comprehend the meaning of my dream and changed my actions, I am no longer threatened by my inability to remain focused and feel empowered avoid distractions and study for my midterm.


Comments on: "How can you assign meaning to dreams?" (2)

  1. I think it’s awesome that you were able to use Jung’s theories and archetypes to reflect on such a simple dream. You definitely analyzed it in a way that taught you a little more about yourself and made you think deeper about what you already knew. Not only that, but it encouraged you to better yourself by realizing that you need to try even harder to avoid distractions since you do get easily distracted. Knowing how much it gets in the way is helping you believe that you could get rid of those distractions to do better on your midterms which is a great conclusion to come to. (:

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your dream analysis. I also feel the same about the mother archetype when my mom appears in my dreams as well. I think the part about picking up the gum from the floor is really interesting. Most of my dreams also have one really bizarre detail in it that doesn’t quite make sense to me. I think most people also experience this as well. Though we may not understand why these strange things happen in our dreams, I think it is trying to tell us something such as that we are anxious or uneasy about a certain detail in our lives.

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