Free yourself from reality, blur your fantasy, immerse in pleasant thoughts, awake to your hopes and ambitions, and discover the world you’ve always imagined.

The process of research and inquiry, particularly on how I approached the Cinematic Inquiry Project, has guided me to find answers to my curiosity.  The various concepts of the mind pertaining to the film, Being John Malkovich by Charlie Kaufman, were explored through several types of references: books, articles, and webpages.  Starting with established, reviewed, and credited sources I was able to find details on one element and dig into a specific topic.The questions of inquiry I proposed lead me in the direction of interesting concepts that prompted me to ask additional questions. My prezi presentation allowed me to display those connections and the order of my developmental process of inquiry.

Instead of connecting the film to concepts of the mind, I drew connections between concepts of the mind and related them to the film. This approach did not limit my connection between theory/critical sources and the film, but rather expanded my thinking “outside the box” to discover new correlations between the film and theory that were not discussed in the previous class periods.

My approach to research differs in this project compared to other research-based projects, because I learned how to make ideal connections to the film through various aspects of the mind. My conclusion was not summing-up what I learned and ending the process of my inquiry, instead I developed multiple questions to further the research process.  It was not easy to find an endpoint for my presentation because I consistently added additional details to make more connections between concepts.

As a visual person, the Prezi effected how I was able to arrive with the final outcome of your research on my approach of exploring concepts of the mind. The ability to visualize the connections between similar concepts with different sources prompted me to construct a pathway of exploratory and rhetorically developed presentation to depict my process of inquiry

This project has taught me various customs I can apply to the next and final project for this class (or other research projects in other classes). For instance, I developed and advanced an exploratory outlook on completing research.  A greater ease of access was achieved as I learned how to correlate similar ideas in a logic connection that would be of higher quality.  The logic of the presentation prompted the process of inquiry to flow between various ideas and notions. Prior to this Prezi presentation, I struggle with positioning and identifying notions in a simple manner to express logical order of my research process.  The final outcome of my presentation was a written argument because this visual presentation provided propositions on the various concepts of the mind with multiple connections to ideas in the film.

This self-reflection my the process of inquiry has allow me to reflect on the endeavors and attainment I confronted during my research process, which will inspire me to grow with curiosity as I undertake additional research projects.


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